Bouw ZP7 & hans present: Exhibition 2.0!

Bouw ZP7 and hans exhibition 2.0!

Deze schitterende ontwerpen zijn gemaakt door leerlingen van Academie Minerva, in opdracht van Bouw ZP7 en hans: expositie 2.0. Deze 11 werken zijn gemaakt in de context van de constructie en renovatie van de Van OlstToren/Zernikeplein7 en is een vervolg op de eerste expositie. Onderstaande werken zijn te zien vanaf 5 december 2019 aan de bouwhekken van het BlauwBorgje. Hieronder zie je de verschillende ontwerpen met achtergrondinformatie, geschreven door de kunstenaars.

These wonderful designs, commissioned by Bouw ZP7 and, were put together by students at the Minerva Art Academy, in the context of the construction and renovation of the Van OlstToren/Zernikeplein 7. Exhibition 2.0 is a sequel of the first exhibition organised by Bouw ZP7 and hans. These works will be exposed after the 5th of December 2019.

Boukje Rekker – Building Man

Boukje Rekker: ‘The design is intended to let passers-by quickly see that people are busy working on the ZP7 building. Thanks to the two complementary colours, blue and orange, the illustration becomes even more conspicuous, making it easier to read. Every element in the design has its own function yet still contributes to the bigger picture, so every element fits and nothing looks like it was ‘stuck on’ at the very last moment.’

Clara Dessainte

 Clara Dessainte: ‘This work is about constructions and knowledge. The Lego wall symbolises the construction of the ZP7 building and the books flying over it stand for knowledge crossing every border, because it is unlimited.’

Džestina Eičinaitė – Connecting Roads

Džestina Eičinaitė : ‘ The main idea of my design is to represent community, connection. The buildings (small crowded houses with many windows) depict that the action is in Groningen and the city parts are connected. This way community and people are also connected. They are faceless, their happy community emotions are shown by their movements. Because of the composition and colours it looks like a party image, because Hanze should be a happy place, like a party. ‘

Ellen Roof – Meanwhile at Zernikeplein 7

Ellen Roof :’ Hanze and students working together, to make something great. ‘

Henrieke Snijder

Henrieke Snijder : ‘To me, Groningen is a city full of life. There is always something going on and the city never sleeps. My design is based on this feeling. The buildings in my work seem to ‘fall from the sky’, representing the fact that the city is in a constant state of flux.’

Inka Pyykkonen – Builders

Inka Pyykkonen : ‘Strange creatures have gathered in the dark of the night to conduct their own renovations at Zernike. I wanted my illustration to be playful and fairytale-like, but to also embody the feeling of community and working together to create something new.’

Julia Visser – Skyline

Julia Visser : ‘For this design, I took inspiration from the many different types of building you can find in a major student city like Groningen. Each student has a personal life line and story. I translated their stories and life lines into a pattern representing Groningen’s skyline. Of course this had to include the Van OlstToren. ‘

Laura Velthuis – We’re all in this together

Laura Velthuis ‘We’re are all in this together. Everyone knows it. The lecturer asks you to come forward to write the answer on the board. Once you are at the board you don’t know the answer. In my design you have that situation, but instead of panic, your classmates help you out by sending their thoughts and ideas in the shape of orange notes.’

Romy Palstra –

Romy Palstra : ‘For this banner, I was inspired by the ZP7 working environment and my own workspace. Both involve the use of materials to design objects. I used drawing materials, just like the ZP7 architects did. The builders currently at work there use construction materials. My original idea was to use those, but then I realised the designers are just as important as the builders and definitely should not be forgotten. This banner highlights the designers a bit, since we are all helping build something in our own way.’

Sandra Einvall – Faces of Hanze

Sandra Einvall : ‘My name is Sandra and I’m from Sweden. When I read the briefing for this project, I immediately thought about different faces in a collage. The different faces represent all the different nationalities and personalities that come together at Zernikeplein. The colours are friendly and fun and the lines that go through the illustration symbolise the connection they all have with each other.’

Tom Hurling

Tom Hurling : ‘My design was mostly inspired by the Constructivist art movement, which emphasised building and science. I thought this was fitting for this project as Zernike is a place that’s always pioneering new technologies and works hard to build a better future.’